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How much does it cost to hire a bartender in London?

How Much Is It to Hire a Bartender in London

In this little blog, we hope to give you a better understanding of how much does it cost to hire a bartender in London for parties and events. The mixologists skills, time of the year, travel distance and other factors can have a big impact on the cost of hiring a bartender for parties in London.

The average cost of hiring a bartender for a private function in London can be up to £150 in some markets. If you plan an event in central London, that price can sometimes go even higher. When you are investing that amount in your party, it helps to know some specific pieces of information to ensure you don’t get overcharged.

hire bar staff
hire bar staff

There is more to look at than the hourly wage when you search for cocktail bartenders for hire in London You will want to factor in several other considerations that may impact your final price.

1. Geographic Location

The location of your private event directly impacts the cost of your bartender in UK.  London bartenders make about 20{d3294435a66ea6ce2b52f242cd133a1df1dc02a801d194e7e1961681b9fe0de2} above the national average as it is, and then you have the actual spot of the party to consider. If it takes a significant time commitment to reach your place, then the expense is going to be higher.


2. The Event’s Date

Bartenders and mixologists in London typically charge more when an event happens during a holiday or on a date somewhere near one. The month of December is almost always more expensive for private events. If you host a Christmas party and want to hire a bar at home, then it will cost even more. The final tally could be over 50{d3294435a66ea6ce2b52f242cd133a1df1dc02a801d194e7e1961681b9fe0de2} higher in these circumstances when compared to a party held outside of a holiday window.


hire a cocktail bartender
hire a cocktail bartender

3. Bartender Skills

Other specific skills that can push the cost higher involve a bartender’s memory, their ability to communicate with others, and an understanding of obscure drinks that some guests might prefer.


4. Number of Guests and Beverages

You will need to consider the number of guests that will attend your event when hiring bartenders and mixologists. The drinks you plan to serve can also influence your final cost. If you limit the bar to wine and beer, then a professional bartender can serve about 100 guests comfortably. If you plan to offer cocktails, then you will need more than one person.


Most bartenders limit their services to 30 / 35 guests, and some of them drop down to 25 guests maximum. If you plan to be above that figure, then you should plan on hiring at least two professionals. There are time considerations, and miscellaneous expenses that come up during a private event that can push your costs up to 20{d3294435a66ea6ce2b52f242cd133a1df1dc02a801d194e7e1961681b9fe0de2} higher. Some contracts include transportation. It can be an investment to find cocktail bartenders for hire in London, but it is typically one worth making so that your party can be a perfectly fun experience for everyone.

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